The largest Chinese electric car NIO was stole customers’ information and blackmailed worth $2.25 million Bitcoin

This year, production disruptions severely hit Nio and another Chinese electric vehicle (EV) makers. But the bad luck did not stop there; Nio also had customer information stolen and blackmailed 2.25 million US dollars equivalent in Bitcoin.

NIO received an email extortion worth 2.25 million US dollars equivalent in Bitcoin

According to Lu Long, Weilai’s chief information security scientist and head of the information security committee announced Weilai’s official community.

On December 11, 2022, Weilai received an external email claiming to obtain internal data and extort $2.25 million equivalent Bitcoin with the leaked data.

After receiving the extortion email, the company set up a special team to investigate and respond on the same day and reported the incident to the relevant regulatory authorities as soon as possible. After a preliminary investigation, the stolen data is primary user and vehicle sales information before August 2021.

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