The Kan Cabinet is moving toward the establishment of a new “Digital Agency” as one of its main policies

According to Coinpost, The Kan Cabinet, which kicked off digital reforms, is planning a new “Digital Agency.” It will be released as early as April 2022, but there is a high chance that it will be further improved, and preparation is underway at a rapid pace.

The Kan Cabinet is moving toward the establishment of a new “Digital Agency”

Hirai, the minister in charge of digital reform, said:

“It would be good if we could find human resources while seeking wisdom from the private sector. We have the intention to proceed with the selection of personnel with the appointment from the private sector in mind.”

At the initiative of the Ministry of the Interior and Communications, they have long been researching the use of Blockchain since 2017 and focused on using this technology.

In the group’s summary plan, the future initiative “Adopting Blockchain to government information systems” has been shown to begin testing early.

Yuzo Kano, CEO of bitFlyer Blockchain, summarized the following in the media release section and outlined expectations:

“I have made three requests, but above all, it is essential to make blockchain a national strategy. While both the United States and China say that blockchain will be a national strategy, I think it will be fascinating as a new industry if Japan will also be a national strategy. ”

Prime Minister Kan, who was recently appointed Prime Minister, has indicated that he will create the Digital Agency – which will promote administrative digitization.

Keidanren also published “Urgent Proposals for the Establishment of the Digital Agency” and looked at measures in each administrative division while taking a full range of relevant measures to maximize digitalization benefits in life civilian life and private economic activities.

The driving force for the creation of the Digital Agency was the spread of Coronavirus. Work from home was encouraged to avoid exposure, but the Japanese government has been criticized by the same regulator, which lags far behind other countries, and problems have been raised.

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