The hacker sent 5,152.6 ETH from its address to Cream Finance multi-sig wallet

As AZCoin News reported, Cream finance, a DeFi borrowing, and lending protocol have been the victim of a hack that erased more than $29 million from its vaults. And now the hacker has returned most of the funds they stole last month.

Cream Finance hacker returns $17.6 million in stolen funds

According to security firm PeckShield first noted, the unknown attacker has returned about 90% of the stolen funds to the project. So they have received payback after its recent hack incident.

The multi-signature wallet Cream Finance controls received 5,152.6 ETH worth $17.6 million from the hacker’s address. It remains unclear as to why the hacker decided to return the funds.

In a post-mortem report, the Cream Finance team said the incident led to a loss of 2,804.96 ETH and 462,079,976 AMP tokens, valued at $34 million at the time. Soon after the attack, the hacker traded the stolen AMP tokens, leaving the wallet with 5,758 ETH.

The remaining 606 ETH, the hacker, didn’t return has been sent to another address, believed to be controlled by the hacker. A few hours ago, the address interacted with TornadoCash.

The incident shares some similarities to the recent Poly Network hack that unfolded last month. The incident became the largest crypto heist ever after a hacker stole $611 million, before returning the funds. The attacker said that they carried out the hack for fun and to expose a critical vulnerability. The major difference between the two instances is that the hacker has kept a portion of the loot.

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