The filing of opening motions in the Ripple Summary Judgement might continue to impact the crypto space for years to come

LBRY’s impending verdict and the submission of opening motions in the Ripple Summary Judgment are two developments that, in the opinion of attorney Jeremy Hogan, might have long-term effects on the cryptocurrency market. The initial petitions for summary judgment have already been submitted, as defense attorney James K. Filan has noted.

Ripple Lawsuit: Two Things That May Impact Crypto Space in Near Future per Jeremy Hogan

Hogan recently stated on Twitter that he expects to see “the extent Ripple makes the comparison between XRP and ETH” in the summary judgment briefings. John Deaton, the founder of CryptoLaw, also said that a settlement in the Ripple case may be facilitated by a decision against the SEC in the LBRY case.

According to the parties’ joint schedule request on sealing matters relevant to the impending summary judgment motions, which District Judge Torres authorized, Jeremy Hogan is likewise excited about the September 19 date. According to Hogan, this would be the “final game,” in which the audience would learn the cards that each side was holding.

As expectations ramp up ahead of this date, James K. Filan has shared what the public might see on Monday, Sept. 19. He stated in a thread of tweets that only the redacted versions of the briefs would be seen on Sept. 19. The actual declarations, exhibits, and Rule 56.1 statements will be kept private and will only be released after a decision at the Omnibus Briefing regarding sealing.

The actual documents will not yet be made public, as the briefs will be long. However, references and citations to the declarations, exhibits, and Rule 56.1 statements in the briefs will be made available.

In another update to the lawsuit, the Chamber of Digital Commerce has filed a Motion for Leave to File an Amicus Brief. The world’s leading blockchain trade association, the Chamber of Digital Commerce, is now wading into the Ripple lawsuit.

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