The February promise forgotten, no release date for Cardano Shelley mainnet until milestones achieved

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, Cardano parent company, said the company does not want to announce the final release date for the Shelley mainnet until all risks around it are mitigated.

Shelley, the era of Cardano blockchain, is set to provide staking, is expected to be released on the mainnet in late February. However, when February arrived and passed, Shelley was still in testnet mode. The question is, when will Cardano’s most important era be released.

A Twitter user raised questions about Hoskinson’s February promise as we entered March 2020. In response to the tweet, IOHK CEO said two important versions are expected, restarting Byron and testnet Shelley Haskell “will take place in the next five weeks or more.”

About two hours later, the CEO made a video of about 7 minutes for sharing the work the internal team is striving to make the expected release come true.

Charles Hoskinson has assured the community that the Shelley mainnet will be released soon. However, he deliberately did not mention a specific date for the release. The CEO explained that while the infrastructure for the release of Shelley was ready, the company was still not 100% sure whether they could launch smoothly.

“So instead of giving a possibly incorrect date (…), I want to wait until a few more milestones are reached.”

Hoskinson also noted that the company is currently 75% confident that it can release Shelley within the next two months. However, 25% could not debut too high.

Cardano has to overcome two important milestones

For Shelley to be released on the mainnet, Cardano will have to overcome two important milestones. The first major update that needs to happen is restarting Byron, which will see the Haskell wallet backend added to the new code. The process, according to Hoskinson, is currently in a “deep QA” state and is getting closer to completing integration by mid-March.

In parallel with the Byron reboot, the company will also continue to work to release the Shelley Haskell testnet. The goal of the Haskell testnet will be to create an environment that allows mitigation from the Rust programming language to Haskell. This means that all the benefits from the Shelley Incentivized Testnet (ITN) will also be implemented in its Haskell testnet.

The slow and steady development process means that there is no problem from ITN moving into the Haskell testnet.

However, crossing these milestones led investors to wonder if the mainnet was actually released.

Cardano Shelley mainnet

Source: Twitter

Apart from the mainnet release delay, everything else at Cardano went as planned, according to Hoskinson. The company had fewer problems with the Daedalus wallet, successfully implemented the OBFT hard fork, and discussed the launch of staking-as-a-service (SaaS) with various exchanges. The software for the Ledger hardware wallet will also be updated soon and will include support for multisig and cold staking.

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