The FBI executed a search warrant against a 16-year-old Massachusetts resident relation to the massive Twitter breach with Bitcoin

As reported by the New York Times, on September 1, the FBI unexpectedly raided the home of a 16-year-old boy in Massachusetts – or rather, a key figure in the infamous hack of Bitcoin on July 15.

Graham Ivan Clark may not be the only juvenile responsible for the massive Twitter breach related to Bitcoin on July 15

This is an information hack in a way that is not too sophisticated but extremely effective. Millions of followers of popular Twitter accounts are falling into the “give away” 2-for-1 trap when sending Bitcoins to scam account holders. The investigation revealed that he might have disguised as a Twitter employee or contractor to trick users into entering their credentials into fake sites and appropriating them.


Elon Musk’s Twitter account was apparently hijacked following a series of attacks on cryptocurrency-related accounts

According to a report from the FBI, the teenager began coordinating the Twitter attack since May with 17-year-old Graham Ivan Clark, the mastermind. Meanwhile, Clark was identified through chat history on the Discord app. Furthermore, Clark is believed to have used encrypted messaging systems such as Signal and Wire, making it even more difficult for investigators to identify him.

Both of these young men could be charged on Wednesday, following an investigation by the FBI, the IRS, the US Secret Service, and local authorities. Clark was arrested on July 31, with 30 counts. Additionally, Mason John Sheppard, 19, a UK resident, and Nima Fazeli, 22, a Florida resident, have also been charged with federal prosecutors.

On August 4, Clark refused to plead guilty to 17 charges of communication fraud, 11 counts of illegal use of personal information, an organized scam of more than $ 5,000, and one crime of access illegal access to computers or electronic devices. He’s in jail now $ 725,000 as a guarantee.

The FBI has yet to issue any charges against the young man for being involved in the incident, which resulted in Twitter users sending 12 BTC – about $ 144,000 as of now – to other addresses. Each other posted in the attack.

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