The developer of Grin coin announced the release of Grin and Grin Wallet 3.0.0

According to the official announcement posted on the Grin Forum, developer of the privacy-focused Grin coin and the MimbleWimble (MW) protocol Yeastplume, has announced the release of Grin and Grin Wallet 3.0.0. The developer also revealed that Grin and Grin 3.0.0 wallets are ready to use before the upcoming hard fork is scheduled at block 524,160, around January 15, 2020.

Grin coin dev announces upcoming hard fork, new wallet version release

Furthermore, the announcement revealed that previous versions of the wallet would be closed soon. And Wallet v3.0.0 will only be compatible with Grin buttons running v3.0.0 and above. Therefore, users have been asked to upgrade soonest.

Grin Developer/MW stated:

“Everyone is urged to upgrade to 3.0.0 as soon as possible, as the 2.x series will stop working at this time. Note that 3.0.0 wallets can transact with 2.xx wallets with caveats around new features, as outlined in the notes.”

Some specifications of this new introduction include the TUI logs screen and Node API V2.

Referring to the development of some significant revisions and implementations, the developer said:

“ASIC-Resistant PoW is changed to Cuckaroom29 post-hard fork (Reference solvers are included in the grin-miner project); fast sync validation now shows progress during kernel and range proof validation; Enable fast sync (consensus changes); Fix for TCP stream nonblocking flag; No more checking (old) orphans during txhashset write (fast sync); ability to stop txhashset mid download (fast sync).”

The Grin had the news recently. However, this news does not come from developments occurring within the ecosystem itself. A few months ago, David Burkett, another developer of Grin coin, revealed his work on redesigning the Grin++ codebase in a way that allows Litecoin to reuse Grin++ with minimal modifications.


David Burkett, Crypto-anarchist and Grin developer

Notably, Burkett worked closely with the Litecoin Foundation to deploy individual opt-in transactions through MimbleWimble through Extension Blocks. Besides, the Foundation has also announced support and funding for the Grin developer work for security implementation.

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