The criminals responsible for Bitfinex hack in 2016 were said to have transferred $72 mln in Bitcoin

According to Whale Alert, $ 255,863 – equivalent to 28.4 BTC – has been moved to an anonymous crypto wallet. And for you, this 28.4 Bitcoin is part of a total of 120,000 BTC that was stolen on Bitfinex four years ago.

28.4 BTC in from the Bitfinex hack 2016 has been moved to another wallet

On August 2, 2016, the major cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex was hacked, with some customers losing Bitcoin as a result. Bitcoin’s damage costs $ 600. However, at current prices, this has risen to $ 1.07 billion.

And it is worth mentioning that it seems the BitFinex hackers moved nearly 23.39 BTC to an unknown wallet. Meanwhile, the transaction ID showed that the hackers sent about 30 BTC, which roughly equals $ 271,559 at the current rates.

The amount is too small to shake Bitcoin’s bullish bias. But that did not deter the cryptocurrency community from predicting a doomsday scenario. Many feared that hackers were moving their funds to dump them for fiat currencies. And since they are bitcoin whales now, their likelihood of unloading more of their steals for cash is high for some.

Bitcoin whale moves a massive amount for a meager fee

Another transaction that caught the attention of the crypto community was a transaction that was spotted by the bot, which was valued at $ 46,835, and the most unbelievable fact is that the transaction fee was $ 2.92.



Bitcoin will start to rival financial institutions in the coming years as a result of the decrease in their transaction fee and the time taken to complete a transaction. In fact, the Bitcoin transaction fee recently reached a six month high after being around $ 6.94.

Analysts have stated that the unstable transfer fees are their major turn off when it comes to making transactions in the Bitcoin network with the view that some people take to XRP to make transactions.

With the Bitfinex hack now back in the media, security experts would do as much as they can to trace the wallet.

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