The Block spreading FUD was WTF by Changpeng Zhao and Justin Sun who followed all the Fame of “Crypto Village”

CZ has openly censured The Block for stretching the FUD about Binance and proposing to call the Foundation against the fake news.

Yesterday, Binance’s CEO – Changpeng Zhao commented on an article that announced by The Block on November 22. The article author quoted a source in Shanghai saying that police raided and closed Binance’s office, the article mentioned that:

“Binance’s Shanghai office, which once hosted some of the exchange’s top executives, abruptly closed its doors in recent weeks, forcing employees to either work remotely or relocate to Singapore, several sources close to the matter told The Block.

According to sources, the cryptocurrency exchange’s Shanghai office was recently visited by local officials. Sources said many of Binance’s executives along with as many as 100 other employees worked at the office. The cryptocurrency exchange is headquartered in Malta”.

The news has not attested by the 3rd party and despite the strict response from the CEO of Binance, The Block did not deny or delete the post.

Today, The Block rebuttal CZ on an article with title: Setting the record straight on our Binance reporting. The Block said Binance has two offices in Shanghai, where 200 employees were working every day. This is meaning CZ is a liar.


CZ criticized the spread of FUD

CZ explained that Binance does not have an office in Shanghai or anywhere in China, charging The Block of spreading FUD. And unfortunately, for those who had to pay to read this article (however, the article is not paid).

The Block replied that they believed in their source and emphasized that the report was accurate despite the official response from CZ.

Sources of Shanghai-based Tạp Chí Bitcoin say they are verifying of information from The Block as well as Binance.

The community protested furiously

This brought a wave of indignation against The Block news agency. Many people on Twitter are proposing to block The Block.

A user on Twitter urged people to ostracise The Block by blocking this account.

“Fake News Crypto Dudes” is a new nickname of The Block.

Justin Sun who followed all the Fame of “Crypto Village”

CZ suggests that cryptocurrency projects leave some money to fight FUD when raising funds for their projects.

Tron CEO Justin Sun boldly declared he was willing to donate 100 BTC for that purpose. CZ responded that this is a great fund and that I will raise money, too (maybe they brag or boast).

Justin Sun and Changpeng Zhao

However, as we know, Justin Sun is also gossip of the crypto world. He is always waiting for fame everywhere to be famous. Last time when Binance was hacked 7,000 BTC (about $ 40 million) Sun also “gossiped” would donate that amount to compensate for the loss, and of course, everyone knew that it was just a simple invitation, because they knew for CZ, 40 million is too small for him.

Like the time US President Donald Trump mentioned Bitcoin and Libra, Sun also “invited” this president to “have lunch” with him and Waren Buffett to “let me tell you”. Of course, the invitation never came to Trump, but Sun still appears in the headlines of cryptocurrency news.

And lunch with Buffett has never been done.

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