The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong is launching the “Bitcoin Tram” ad campaign in Hong Kong

The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong (BAHK) appears to be working hard to promote and promote Bitcoin and Blockchain technology in Hong Kong. Furthermore, this purpose is also sponsored by donations from more than 5000 members, and they have started an exciting educational program campaign that will run until October 8.

Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong aiming of fostering and promoting Bitcoin and its technology in Hong Kong

The BAHK blog post states that this campaign is scheduled to run from September 11 to October 8:

  • Bitcoin advertising on the city’s double-decker trams from September 11 to October 8
  • Bitcoin advertising on billboards from September 11 to October 1

The following tweet from BAHK shows how electric cars are advertised for Bitcoin:

The following tweet from Genesis Block, a China-based OTC trading company for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, shows what tram # 110 is like now:

The following tweet by Tyler Winklevoss, Co-Founder, and CEO of Gemini Trust Company, LLC (owner and operator of the Gemini digital asset exchange), shows one of many award billboards. Like why Bitcoin is better than gold:

Scott Melker, a crypto trader at Texas West Capital, said that although he loved this campaign, he was not too thrilled about the “be your own bank” slogan since this might make owning Bitcoin sound like too much work, which prompted prominent Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo to reply to Melker to explain why in the context of Hong Kong this slogan made sense:

The massive Bitcoin ads in Hong Kong come shortly after another big Bitcoin ad was spotted in Apple Daily, an HK-based tabloid-style newspaper, in late August 2020. The full-page ad for Bitcoin promised that “Bitcoin will never ditch you.”

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