The Best Way To Build A 100x Crypto Portfolio For Free

Airdrops, pre-sales, IDOs, there are a wild ton of token distribution mechanisms, some of which have started to become far more interesting than others. So what is the best way to build a 100x crypto portfolio for free?

Let’s find the absolute best formula for token distributions in the market and opportunities out there to get involved with low risk.

Token Distribution

Tokens and token distribution is a really hot issue in the community. There’s a lot of tokens in the world, every token has a unique supply and distribution. Token distributions are largely going to the community.

Every project has a different way to distribute its tokens. Airdrops are kind of the new hot thing in crypto and everyone who holds tokens is able to participate in governance and distribute those tokens.

Biggest opportunities in crypto

People tend to spend their life force energy into potentially significant amounts of capital without risking family’s money or personal income.

The biggest opportunity in crypto is Airdrops. The largest airdrops are typically going to go to those who generate the most trading fees and the most volume for a platform.

If someone who’s new to these products and services, the best thing they can do is to use them, make a couple of contract interactions, buy an NFT on a marketplace, do trade on layer 2. They also need to make a decision on which of these projects are the most valuable. That’s how you start to build a position that over a five-year time horizon is a real wealth-changing opportunity.

Those who want to be content creators can start making content. Those who don’t want to be content creators can start building good trust with the project so that when they have a new service that needs to be offered or when they have a new output that needs to be designed, they’ll think of you first. People start to make a lot of big waves by just knowing what culture is and knowing how to drive the conversation.

Good token distribution

There are a lot of altcoins in the market, how can we know which token has good distribution and put it in the portfolio? The formula of a good token distribution is the balance between community and core team.

We will see 17.5% to the team, 17.5% to investors, roughly 50% going to a treasury, and the rest are earmarked to either an airdrop or system incentives.

Tip for holders: never sell 100% of airdrop tokens just in case it pumps and you can really capture the upshot.

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