The Best Jobs To Help You Earn More With Move-To-Earn

The move-to-earn industry came into its own in 2022 with the debut of numerous applications that reward people with cryptocurrency for being active. Apps such as Sweatcoin and Stepn allow people to earn crypto simply by getting out of the house and walking around, and studies show that they provide strong motivation for inactive people to get into shape. 

People need to be realistic about move-to-earn apps, though – they’re unlikely to get rich simply by walking around all day every day with a smartphone in their pocket. Although some users have claimed that they’ve been able to earn hundreds of dollars a day, the reality for most is that they’ll only make a few dollars at best. For instance, the value of one SWEAT token, which is earned by Sweatcoin users every time they take 1,000 steps, is currently less than $1. 

There are ways to increase the value of those earnings, though. For example, Sweatcoin allows users to pay SWEAT tokens to enter into prize draws where they can win prizes such as iPhones and fitness accessories. They can also spend SWEAT to power up their NFTs and increase their earnings potential. Moreover, there are ways to earn even more, simply by combining an active job with move-to-earn. 

If you’re looking for an active job that involves making many hundreds or even thousands of steps each day, look no further than your local warehouse. Employees of warehouses typically spend all day marching up and down long aisles, grabbing different boxes to ship out products to customers and stacking others. 

Another way to add more earnings through move-to-earn is to become a dog walker. Busy professionals often don’t have time to take their poodles for a walk themselves. As such, professional dog walkers are in demand, and the majority of their time is spent embarking on long walks to give their temporarily adopted mutt some much-needed activity. 

If dog walking isn’t your thing, but you happen to live in an interesting town or city, you could instead make yourself available as a tour guide for visiting tourists. The job of a local tour guide involves setting up various activities around famous landmarks and explaining the history of the place. It’s a job that invariably requires lots of walking, meaning there will be lots of opportunities to rack up those rewards using the smartphone in your pocket. 

One final idea is to purchase a bicycle and become a delivery driver instead. While Sweatcoin was designed with walkers in mind, the company freely admits that users can also earn SWEAT by cycling, making it an ideal companion for anyone who wants to race around the city, delivering food and other products. In fact, by cycling, you’ll likely cover a lot more ground, making it by far the most effective physically active job to do in tandem with move-to-earn. 

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