The 10th Tezos Protocol Upgrade ‘Jakarta’ Will Hit The Testnet Soon

Scaling a blockchain ecosystem can be a time-consuming process. First, developers need to put together the code; it needs to be approved and activated on the network. Tezos and its on-chain governance enable a much smoother upgrade solution, as the 10th major protocol upgrade is around the corner. 

Tezos Upgrades Roll Out Efficiently

When it comes to layer 1 blockchains, most people focus on networks like Bitcoin or Ethereum. But, as most people will agree, these networks are not known for their efficient scaling or upgrades. If anything, it often takes far too long for changes to go live, leaving networks in a rather inefficient state for months. Tezos, through its on-chain governance approach to rolling out upgrades, shows things can be done differently and more efficiently. 

The way Tezos handles these upgrades prevents unnecessary delays. Take Ethereum as an example, its crucial upgrade has now been pushed back by several months. People have anticipated Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake for nearly two years now. The launch of the Beacon Chain was a big step in the right direction, but the merge with the Beacon Chain has been pushed back again. 

While one can understand ensuring the upgrade goes smoothly for all network participants, delays are never appreciated. Ethereum needs to become more efficient and improve its scaling. That change should’ve happened a while ago. Until the merge completes, users and developers remain subject to slow transactions and high network fees. 

For Tezos users, things look a bit different. The network has undergone several upgrades and closes in on enabling the “Jakarta” update. Its on-chain governance approach to enabling these upgrades proves very efficient once again, enabling a smooth transition once Jakarta has completed its testnet phase. The testnet will go live shortly, and community participation is highly advised. 

Several Core Changes For Better Scaling

The Jakarta Tezos upgrade proposal is another step toward making the network more efficient. Although Tezos is an environmentally-friendly network in terms of power consumption – and has a decent throughput already – there is always room for future improvements. The Jakarta upgrade for Tezos will introduce the following changes:

  • Transaction Optimistic Rollups support (not for smart contracts)
  • A more secure Sapling integration for Michelson smart contracts
  • Liquidity Baking toggle vote
  • Improvements for the Michelson Interpreter
  • Tickets hardening
  • Delegates’ voting power is now measured in stake, rather than “rolls”.

All of these changes are designed to make Tezos a more efficient and scalable network. The Jakarta update may require dApp developers to slightly tweak their applications, although no major changes are expected. The upcoming testnet launch will give developers plenty of time to ensure a smooth transition once the Jakarta update goes live on the mainnet. 

Further Improvements Await

While the community can get their hands on the Jakarta testnet. The Tezos team continues to look further ahead. They will investigate several new performance improvements. Additionally, the team aims to further lower gas consumption, reduce block times, and increase the network’s throughput. Transaction optimistic rollups help out across most of these aspects, but they also have limitations. 

Some options being explored include data-availability sharding and zero-knowledge rollups. More research is needed to ensure these options are viable. Even then, the Tezos developers want to ensure they can optimize these implementations wherever possible. 

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