Thai Police Detain Renowned Model ‘Kiki Maxim’ in Connection with Chinese Crypto Scam

[Thailand] In a dramatic and coordinated effort, more than 200 law enforcement officers from Thailand’s Central Investigation Police, along with officials from the Anti-Money Laundering Office (AMLO) and prosecutors, launched an ambitious operation targeting a vast network of transnational criminal organizations, primarily of Chinese origin. The operation, conducted across 30 locations in Bangkok, Samut Prakan, and Udon Thani provinces, aimed to dismantle a sprawling network involved in crypto-investment scams, Roman scams, and money laundering activities.

According to a local newspaper Maticho Online, The operation unfolded on August 30, commencing at the early hour of 6:00 a.m. Pol.Lt.Gen. Pol. Col. Siriwat Deephor, Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the TCSD, and Pol. Col. Watcharaphan Siriphak, Superintendent 1 of TCSD, spearheaded the endeavor, leading the combined forces of law enforcement officers and AMLO officials. Armed with warrants issued by the Criminal Court, the team set out to apprehend key members of the criminal network and confiscate assets tied to their illicit activities.

One of the prime locations that underwent intense scrutiny was a luxury village situated on Krungthep Kreetha Road. Here, a significant haul was seized – a total of 12 opulent villas, each valued at around 50 million baht ($1.42 million), were impounded. In addition to this, four other luxury villages in close proximity were also searched, revealing ownership ties to Chinese individuals.

The investigation also extended to legal entities suspected of being involved in money laundering operations. A law firm came under scrutiny as authorities worked to uncover evidence linking it to the criminal enterprise. It is believed that the firm played a role in facilitating the creation of shell companies used in the money laundering process.

Police sources said one of the alleged Thai collaborators was “sexy” Thai model Chakrina “Kiki Maxim” Chukhaosri.

A particularly notable development arising from the operation was the apprehension of the prominent model, Ms. Chakrina Chukhaosri, known by her moniker ‘Kiki Maxim’. Ms. Chukhaosri was one of the key figures within the criminal network, allegedly aiding and abetting their operations. Alongside Ms. Chukhaosri, numerous accomplices were arrested, effectively disrupting the network’s operations and putting a halt to their illicit activities.

The assets seized from Ms. Chukhaosri’s residence and possessions were staggering, totaling nearly one billion baht. This astounding figure included luxury homes and high-end vehicles. The arrest of such a high-profile individual underscored the scope and reach of the criminal organization, as well as the gravity of their crimes.

The culmination of this operation marks a significant achievement for Thai law enforcement agencies, highlighting their determination to combat transnational criminal enterprises operating within the country’s borders. The Central Investigation Police, AMLO, and the prosecution will soon release a joint statement providing further insight into the operation and its outcomes.

The investigation leading to this operation was set in motion by the TCSD following a series of incidents involving a gang utilizing the ‘Roma scam’ strategy. This elaborate scheme targeted Thai women, manipulating them into investing in cryptocurrencies and electronic money. The scam preyed upon victims’ financial aspirations, ultimately defrauding them of substantial sums. Following reports by victims, the TCSD traced the movement of funds through crypto accounts, revealing a complex money laundering process that eventually led to the acquisition of properties, including lavish villas and condominiums in Bangkok and its surrounding areas.

The successful execution of this operation sends a resounding message that Thailand remains resolute in its fight against transnational criminal networks, no matter their scale or complexity. The collaborative efforts of law enforcement agencies, along with the support of the legal system, have resulted in a significant blow to the criminal underworld and a step toward a safer and more secure society.

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