Texas has ambitions to become the most important cryptohub of the United States

Cryptocurrencies, which have always been associated with decentralization, have logically never had a centralized place in the establishment.

Texas is set to become the Silicon Valley of the crypto world

The traditional birthplace of all new tech startups in Silicon Valley in the United States. Many crypto startups have their roots in it, but it cannot unequivocally be called America’s main cryptocurrency system. Then, when it became unbearably expensive to operate and maintain a company in the valley, many companies rushed to move operations to Dubai. You can always make the right connections and find investments, and it’s also warmer.

However, maintaining a company in the valley has become unbearably expensive in recent years, which has opened the door for Texas to attract promising tech startups. today and established corporations have come to its territory. It was also the perfect time for the “Lonely Star State” as cryptocurrency became a major tech phenomenon and captured all entrepreneurs’ imaginations.

At this point, the following events support Texas and its largest municipality, Dallas-Fort Worth, as the primary crypto hub of the United States:

  • The world’s largest cryptocurrency operator, Coinsource, is based in Dallas, Texas.
  • The crypto start-up Zabo, acquired in 2021 by Coinbase, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency exchange, originated in Dallas.
  • In April 2022, Fort Worth became the first city government to mine Bitcoin, and Texas itself was already referred to as the “mining capital.”

To this, we can add that in 2021, the Dallas Mavericks basketball team, owned by the famous Texas crypto enthusiast and billionaire Mark Cuban, has begun to accept Dogecoin as a medium. payment.

The secret to the success of a state formerly known mainly for its cowboys and oil business lies in its openness to cryptocurrencies. Officials openly call for crypto support, take regulatory measures, and try by all means to create the most favorable environment for the booming industry.

While some seek to regulate and stifle the “new unknown” as much as possible, others seize the opportunity and seek to make the most of it for themselves and their people.

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