Tether’s CTO Paolo Ardoino Set to Assume Tether CEO Role in December

Tether, the largest stablecoin by market capitalization, has announced the appointment of Paolo Ardoino as its new Chief Executive Officer. This appointment, slated to take effect in December 2023, marks a pivotal moment in Tether’s journey, as Ardoino succeeds Jean-Louis van der Velde, known as JL, who will transition into an advisory role for Tether while retaining his position as CEO of Bitfinex.

Paolo Ardoino’s illustrious journey in the cryptocurrency industry commenced in 2014 when he joined Bitfinex, renowned as one of the industry’s most advanced and resilient cryptocurrency exchanges. His tenure at Bitfinex was marked by his invaluable contributions to enhancing the platform’s Bitcoin trading capabilities and solidifying his reputation as a dedicated and knowledgeable expert in blockchain technology.

Paolo Ardoino

In 2017, Ardoino took on the role of Chief Technology Officer at Tether, a leading provider of stablecoins. Here, he continued to display his exceptional ability to drive innovation and expand business horizons. Notably, Ardoino played a key role in Tether’s strategy that led to substantial growth, culminating in a market capitalization of USD$83 billion. This achievement firmly established Tether’s position as a global stablecoin powerhouse and an integral part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Beyond his roles in the organizations he serves, Ardoino is a respected and influential figure in the crypto community. He actively participates in industry discussions, prioritizes security enhancement, and fosters innovative thinking. Moreover, he is a passionate advocate for financial inclusion in emerging markets, co-sponsoring the Bitfinex Freedom Manifesto, which champions financial freedom and freedom of speech through Bitcoin, Lightning, and peer-to-peer technologies.

Under Paolo Ardoino’s dynamic leadership, Tether will continue its mission of delivering financial services to those in need and reshaping the global financial landscape. Ardoino envisions Tether as a tech powerhouse, poised to revolutionize the industry and serve as a vital partner in building resilient cities. His commitment to transformative technology will guide Tether’s evolution into a tech-centric organization, reshaping the future of finance and expanding the influence of the USD in global trade and emerging markets.

As Ardoino takes the reins, Jean-Louis van der Velde (JL), whose leadership has been instrumental in Tether’s current position as an industry leader, will continue to play a vital role as an advisor. JL’s expertise in managing global regulatory relationships will be invaluable as Tether charts its course for further success and diversification into new verticals with a technology-focused approach.

Jean-Louis van der Velde expressed confidence in Paolo Ardoino’s leadership, stating, “Paolo is extremely well-suited to lead Tether into this exciting new era. I believe Tether is poised to continue its rapid growth, with a continued focus on emerging markets and transformative technology.”

In response, Paolo Ardoino expressed his honor at being entrusted with the role of CEO at Tether, emphasizing his commitment to transparency, security, and the seamless integration of digital assets into the global financial ecosystem. He envisions a future where financial barriers are lifted, and freedom is at the core of financial innovation.

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