Terraform’s Do Kwon: Unaware of Fake Passport, Asserts Innocence of Arrested Companion

Do Kwon was recently apprehended in Montenegro after evading authorities for several months. The arrest comes in the wake of the catastrophic collapse of the Terra ecosystem, for which Kwon has faced widespread criticism.

Kwon, who denies trying to escape authorities, was found in possession of a counterfeit Costa Rican passport. He insists that he had no knowledge of its illegitimacy and claims to have received it from an agency in Singapore. As the investigation unfolds, Kwon’s custody in Montenegro has become a matter of contention, with his bail application initially granted, then denied, and eventually re-approved.

The Passport Controversy

During a hearing at the Podorica District Court in Montenegro’s capital on June 16, Do Kwon addressed the allegations surrounding his fake passport. He stated that he obtained the counterfeit Costa Rican passport through an agency in Singapore, which had been recommended to him by a friend. Kwon revealed that he had traveled extensively using the same passport, expressing surprise at the notion that it was fake. He argued that if he had suspected its illegitimacy, he would not have risked traveling to numerous countries using it.

Elusive Agency and Missing Details

When pressed for further information regarding the agency in Singapore, Kwon claimed he could not recall its name, except for the fact that it was Chinese. This lack of specific details raises questions about the credibility of his account and the veracity of his claims. Moreover, Kwon’s unsuccessful attempt to obtain a Granada passport, coupled with his vague recollections, add to the intrigue surrounding his case.

Controversial Custody

Do Kwon’s time spent in Montenegro’s local jail has been marked by controversy. Initially, his bail application was granted, allowing for his release upon payment of $400,000. However, the decision was subsequently reversed, denying him temporary freedom. Eventually, the court re-approved his bail application, leading to his release while awaiting further legal proceedings. The fluctuating nature of the court’s decisions has fueled speculation about the influence of external factors on the judicial process.

Extradition Dilemma

As authorities continue to investigate Do Kwon’s case, reports suggest that his custody in Montenegro could be extended by six months. This extension is to provide sufficient time for authorities to determine whether he will be extradited to the United States or South Korea. The decision on which country will ultimately handle Kwon’s legal proceedings will have significant implications for the course of his trial and potential outcomes.

Innocence of an Accomplice

Another intriguing aspect of the case is Kwon’s assertion that the individual apprehended with him is innocent. While details about this individual and their involvement remain scarce, Kwon’s claim adds a layer of complexity to the ongoing investigation. Authorities will need to thoroughly examine this person’s role and determine their level of culpability.


The arrest of Do Kwon, the mastermind behind the Terra ecosystem, in Montenegro has stirred controversy and speculation surrounding his involvement in the collapse of the project. Kwon’s claim of innocence and his professed lack of knowledge about the fake passport have raised eyebrows. As the legal proceedings continue, it remains to be seen whether Kwon’s assertions will hold up under scrutiny. The determination of his fate, including the possibility of extradition to the United States or South Korea, will be crucial in bringing closure to this high-profile case.

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