Telegram Introduces 50% Ad Revenue Share Program for Channel Owners

Telegram Messenger has rolled out a new initiative allowing public channel owners to monetize their content. Under this project, channel owners can earn up to 5 percent of the revenue generated from advertisements displayed on their channels. However, to qualify for this opportunity, channels must have at least 1,000 subscribers. Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, announced this initiative on March 31st, encouraging channel owners to explore innovative ways of monetizing their content.

The earnings from this program will be paid out in Toncoin (TON), the native cryptocurrency of the Telegram platform. This decision was made following Durov’s disclosure of the plan in February 2024, coinciding with the launch of the Telegram Ad Platform. Since the announcement of this initiative, the value of TON has experienced significant growth, increasing by 111% from $2.51 to $5.30. This substantial appreciation in TON’s value underscores the enthusiasm and potential surrounding Telegram’s efforts to empower content creators and incentivize engagement on its platform.

Zero-fee earnings for Telegram channel owners

Telegram’s strategy involves allocating 50% of the ad revenue generated from Toncoin to channel owners, exemplifying the platform’s commitment to integrating blockchain technology into its operations. With each channel garnering at least one trillion views per month, Telegram channels serve as a vast audience pool for advertisers. Channel owners participating in the program can withdraw their earnings without incurring any charges, enhancing the program’s appeal.

The inclusion of Toncoin as a payment method for ad purchases further emphasizes Telegram’s endorsement of the initiative. Advertisements are exclusively displayed on Telegram channels based on the shared content type, ensuring targeted placement to maximize relevance and engagement. This targeted approach benefits both advertisers and the audience by facilitating more meaningful interactions and driving higher levels of engagement.

A new era of channel monetization

Before the implementation of this revenue-sharing model, channel owners resorted to various methods to monetize their following, such as selling paid posts, charging for access to private channels, and selling products. However, the introduction of the new revenue-sharing system provides a formalized way for creators to earn from content creation, revolutionizing how they engage with their audience and monetize their efforts.

Telegram, ranked third in monthly messenger app downloads behind WhatsApp and Snapchat, boasts a substantial user base, underscoring the potential for channel owners to leverage the new ad revenue-sharing program. This strategic move positions Telegram as a lucrative platform for content creators seeking to monetize their channels.

Justin Hyun, an investment director at Ton Foundation, offered insights into Telegram’s broader strategy, describing the blockchain-powered mini-apps on the platform as a “Trojan horse” for blockchain adoption. The primary objective of these mini-apps, or Min Apps, is to simplify user interactions with blockchain technology, eliminating the need for users to delve into the intricate workings of the technology.

The Ton Foundation aims to onboard 500 million users onto the blockchain by 2028, utilizing simple use cases integrated into Telegram to educate users about blockchain technology. By introducing mini-apps as DApps (decentralized applications), Telegram ensures that users can seamlessly experience the new products. This strategic approach aligns with Telegram’s mission of bridging blockchain technology with user utility, enhancing user experience, and unlocking new opportunities in the digital landscape.

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