Technical Issue Halts Zilliqa Blockchain Network: Deposits and Withdrawals Temporarily Suspended

The Zilliqa blockchain network, known for its high throughput and innovative sharding technology, has encountered a critical technical problem resulting in an interruption of block production. This unexpected setback was communicated directly to the community by the Zilliqa Core Team in an urgent announcement.

Zilliqa, founded on the principles of scalability and speed, has garnered attention for its ability to handle thousands of transactions per second, making it a promising platform for decentralized applications. However, the recent technical issue has prompted the platform’s technical team to take immediate action to identify and resolve the problem.

In response to the issue, officials have urged all partners and users to temporarily cease any deposits or withdrawals on the network as a precautionary measure. While this recommendation may cause inconvenience, it aims to ensure the security and integrity of all funds on the platform.

The Zilliqa team has emphasized that despite the interruption in block production and the suspension of transactions, funds remain safe and secure. To alleviate concerns about fund security, users are encouraged to verify their wallet balances directly on-chain through the following link: Zilliqa ViewBlock. By entering their ZIL address in the search box, users can independently confirm their wallet status.

Zilliqa, initiated in 2017 with its testnet going live in 2018, subsequently launched its mainnet in 2019. The platform’s commitment to enhancing scalability through sharding technology has attracted a community eager for high-speed transactions and decentralized application development.

As the technical team diligently works to resolve the issue, the Zilliqa community has been praised for its patience and ongoing support during this challenging period. The team remains committed to keeping users informed of any developments and progress towards restoring full functionality to the network.

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