Tata Consultancy Services launching a cryptocurrency trading solution for banks to invest in cryptocurrencies

The Indian IT giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) has announced that it will make a breakthrough in the field of cryptocurrencies through a new solution.

TCS was one of the registering corporations to realize the groundbreaking dramatically of blockchain technology. That’s why the global IT services giant incubated the startup Quartz to provide foundational technology, tools, and business components for creating distributed ledger solutions across varied industries.


Tata Consultancy Services launching a cryptocurrency trading solution for banks

A few hours ago, Tata announced the launch of Quartz ™ Smart Solution for Crypto Services. The offering will help banks and other financial institutions provide ‘secure and seamless’ crypto trading facilities to their clientele.

According to the statement, Tata Consultancy Services’ new cryptocurrency service solution will allow banks and financial companies to allow investing and diversifying their portfolio into cryptocurrency assets for their clients.

The statement stated:

“The solution is designed to support multiple cryptocurrencies and stable coins, digital currencies linked to fiat currencies, trading venues, and public blockchain networks, thus offering choice and flexibility to customers when deciding their trading and investment strategies. Importantly, it can help banks and investment firms offer their customers the ability to transfer payments in the form of digital cash, and benefit from lower transaction costs and quicker access to liquidity.”

It seems that TCS will not miss any opportunity to create an opportunity to invest cryptocurrencies for a more significant part of potential investors. The company has settled all specifications to make the amount of experience. And how?

TCS’s new cryptocurrency offering has a built-in hardware security module that allows encryption of each transaction, thus ensuring confidentiality and authenticity.

The IT Group has ensured that the system is integrated with multi-signature wallets and authorization tools to enable configurable transaction approval policies, blockchain forensic checks, auto-tuning, and scenes. Compliance reporting, exchanging, and connecting OTC desks and auditing capabilities.

R Vivekanand, Global Head, Quartz, TCS said:

“Cryptocurrencies, digital fiat currencies, and digital assets are poised to become viable alternate avenues for investments, hedging, and portfolio diversification. Progressive financial institutions are looking to provide these options to their clientele. We are excited to offer them our robust, secure, and scalable solution for trading, storing, and transfer of these assets. We believe Quartz is well ahead of the curve in providing such a solution that allows customers to transact in multiple cryptocurrencies and digital assets, backed by best-in-class security features.”

Quartz’ ingenious product suite, The Smart Ledgers is targeted at helping organizations across multiple domains leverage blockchain meaningfully for their businesses.

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