Taiko Unveils Roadmap for Ethereum-Equivalent ZK-Rollup Scaling Solution

Taiko, a fully decentralized, Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup, has released its roadmap, aiming to bring scale to the Ethereum ecosystem while maintaining the root principles of security, permissionlessness, and decentralization. Taiko aims to emulate Ethereum as closely as possible, both technically and non-technically, by supporting all EVM opcodes in a layer-2 architecture.

The Taiko team started building the ZK-EVM in Q1 2022 and launched the Alpha-1 Testnet in December 2022. The team is now working on the Alpha-2 Testnet, which is expected to launch in March with permissionless provers and partial ZK-EVM circuits. Taiko has planned further milestones on its way to the Taiko Mainnet, with full ZK-EVM circuits, decentralized proposers, and decentralized provers planned for early 2024.

Taiko’s core principles prioritize security above all else, keep the protocol design simple, and restrain themselves from changes that would break Ethereum equivalence. All security assumptions are directly or indirectly enforced by Ethereum and the protocol. Both proposers and provers are decentralized, and anyone willing is able to join and leave the network at any time, without causing significant disturbance to the network. Taiko is Ethereum-equivalent, making no changes to the way Ethereum clients execute bytecode and store data.

The classic blockchain trilemma says that between “decentralization,” “security,” and “scalability,” you can only have two. An Ethereum-equivalent ZK-rollup allows you to choose all three without compromise. Taiko adds the missing part, “scaling,” to empower the Ethereum Ecosystem while keeping the experience of its participants equivalent to what they are already used to.

Building a ZK-EVM is a long and challenging process, but it is worth it. It requires restraint, patience, and a long-term view, but Ethereum’s core values clearly illuminate the path forward. Taiko is on its way to achieve its goal, and the team is looking forward to welcoming more participants to join.

Taiko’s roadmap is a positive development for the Ethereum ecosystem, addressing its scalability challenges while maintaining its principles of security and decentralization. The Ethereum community eagerly awaits the launch of the Alpha-2 Testnet and the upcoming milestones on Taiko’s roadmap.

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