Sushi Launches Broadest Deployment of Concentrated Liquidity Pools (v3) Across 13 Networks

Sushi, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that facilitates trades and liquidity provision in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), has launched its concentrated liquidity pools (v3) on 13 networks. The deployment marks the broadest coverage of v3 pools ever, and with more networks to be added in the future, Sushi is at the forefront of concentrated liquidity adoption across the entire DeFi ecosystem.

Sushi’s unique position as the only DEX with the most comprehensive coverage of v3 pools, combined with its robust cross-chain infrastructure, enables users and Liquidity Providers (LPs) to seamlessly manage funds across all networks, making trading and providing liquidity easier than ever before. Concentrated liquidity pools are capital efficient because they allow LPs to concentrate their funds in a smaller price range around the current market price, reducing the spread between buy and sell orders and resulting in less slippage for traders. By concentrating liquidity in a smaller price range, the potential for impermanent loss lessens, allowing LPs to provide liquidity with fewer tokens, delivering greater capital efficiency than traditional liquidity pools.

In addition to the launch of its v3 pools, Sushi has also unveiled a new, improved user interface (UI), which provides greater simplicity and an effortless user experience. The UI includes light and dark mode, step-by-step UX guidance, and a price range selector.

Sushi has also introduced a brand new route processing contract for its in-house smart order routing system, Tines. Together, Tines and the new route processor unify liquidity across all of Sushi by enabling pools of all types to interact with each other, effectively creating a large pool of liquidity to trade against.

Looking ahead, Sushi plans to launch its comprehensive, nearly 30-concentrated liquidity network support in two phases. Phase 1 will see the rollout of v3 across 13 networks, with more coming soon, ultimately covering all 30 chains live on Sushi. In Phase 2, Sushi will introduce a unique rewards program for the most efficient LPs, which will kick off on Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism & Polygon and rolled out as more chains get added.

Sushi’s multi-and-cross-chain concentrated liquidity launch represents a significant step forward in developing the DeFi ecosystem. With its robust cross-chain infrastructure, v3 coverage, and improved UI, Sushi is confident that its users and LPs will benefit from a better trading experience and increased capital efficiency.

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