Superdao Shuts Down

Superdao, the pioneering company that developed a comprehensive service suite for Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs), has announced its decision to close down its operations. The company, founded in 2021 with a lofty vision of empowering countless crypto-native organizations through DAOs, cited sustainability challenges as the primary reason for its closure.

Superdao had made significant strides in the world of decentralized governance, enabling the creation of over 2,000 DAOs, each with its own unique objectives and goals. However, despite these accomplishments, a significant number of these projects had relatively short lifespans, which ultimately hindered the platform’s ability to maintain a viable, long-term business model.

The company’s journey took an interesting turn in 2022 when Superdao pivoted its focus towards building growth and analytics tools for established Web3 projects. In this new phase, the team indexed an impressive 300 million wallets across various blockchain networks, calculating over 200 attributes per wallet, and diligently updating this index on a daily basis. These tools were designed to provide crypto-native organizations with deeper insights into their user base, competitor analysis, and the means to build targeted wallet lists for growth strategies.

Superdao’s revamped suite of services found favor among numerous prominent crypto companies. Yet, as the industry evolved, it became apparent that the initial ambitions of the crypto space, often likened to “the new internet,” were not being fully realized. The team realized that specialized tools tailored exclusively to crypto companies might not generate the expected venture-scale returns in the long run.

With this perspective in mind, Superdao made the tough but considered decision to return the remaining funds to its investors and gradually wind down its operations. The move is seen as a strategic shift that will allow the talented team and available capital to seek greater opportunities outside the realm of specialized crypto infrastructure.

Despite the closure of Superdao, the team remains optimistic about the cryptocurrency industry’s potential and the value that companies can offer to end-users. This optimism is reflected in the fact that members of the Superdao team have already embarked on the creation of at least seven new companies, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to the sector.

Furthermore, Superdao intends to release certain elements of its work as open-source projects, sharing valuable insights and lessons learned from their experiences with the broader crypto community. This knowledge transfer will undoubtedly contribute to the collective growth and understanding of the blockchain and DAO ecosystem.

In their official statement, Superdao expressed their gratitude to the users, investors, and teammates who supported their journey. They view the closure as a stepping stone, rather than an endpoint, towards building something lasting and positive within the crypto sphere.

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