Striking rise in two Altcoins, DASH and STEEM while Bitcoin tracks sideways!

Standing out from the cryptocurrency market, which is predominantly sideway, Dash and Steem rose 24% and 52%, respectively, within 24 hours.

Dash price is up over 24% in the last 24 hours, what’s happening?

Ranking 19th in terms of market value, Dash gained 24.42% in 24 hours and rose to $ 55.45. Although Altcoin has significantly increased, it is still far from the $ 114 it reached last February.


Source: CoinMarketCap

The reason behind the rise in Dash is not precisely known. According to some renewal, the upcoming Dash v0.11 update is the reason for the rise, but there is no clear information regarding this issue.

The current phase, Secure the Platform, involves broad enhancements to security, with the main focus on improving light client support by integrating LLMQ’s into the platform consensus mechanism. While the light client work is still ongoing, they have made significant security improvements that enable anyone to create and register data contracts, thereby unlocking the potential to use the Dash Platform as a decentralized, consensus-backed Database-as-a-Service.

Breaking changes were introduced via this release, which made data previously created on Evonet incompatible with this newest version. Therefore, they wiped Evonet of all preexisting data, and developers will need to wipe any data stored on their local setup as well.

The most rising crypto-asset today is Steem, which ranks 55 in terms of market value. Steem increased 51.64 percent compared to yesterday and is trading at $ 0.1953 at press time. The reason for Steem’s rising at such a striking rate is that Binance announced it would support the Steem hard fork.


Source: CoinMarketCap

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