Step Finance: Hottest Solana-Cryptocurrency Project to Watch in 2022

The Solana ecosystem is exploding! The amount of dApps being built on it is exploding as well. The development of the monthly developer since launch is on track to outpace competitors.

But with all this growth, building on the network, how do we keep track of it all? How does the individual user manage it? That’s where Step Finance (STEP) comes in. Let’s discuss an up-and-coming crypto project: How Step Finance is aiming to be the front page of Solana.

What is Step Finance (STEP)?

This is a portfolio management dashboard and they’re aiming to be the first stop for Solana users to visualize analyze execute and aggregate transactions across all Solana contracts in one place. This dashboard goes beyond just showing you profit and loss to help users understand the performance and risk profile of their positions.

Step Finance Features

STEP executes transactions across many Solana contracts in one place, in addition to visualizing one’s entire crypto portfolio.

They have many features on their platform, they are:

  • A dashboard where you can see your positions, your entire portfolio.
  • Swaps where you can switch off buy and sell tokens.
  • Liquidity pools including Step, Serum, Orca, Raydium, etc.
  • NFT gallery where you can view manages and share your NFTs on Solana.
  • Compounding yield farms for all yield farmer degens.
  • Charity donations and Monitor ecosystem yield opportunities.

Team and Backers

They’re backed by 3Commas, Alameda Research, and Solidity Ventures. They are huge names in the space that any project would love to be backed by.

Three of the members of the step finance team:

Co-Founder: George Harrap, has been in crypto for over a decade, having previously been a minor trader who built six exchanges and founder of the world’s first crypto remittance startup, Bitspark.

Co-founder and lead developer: Aaronov, a developer and advocate for decentralization privacy and pursuit of financial freedom.

Design Lead: Kristin Low, a product and service designer, and early Bitcoin adopter.

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