StarWare unveils Stwo, a new zero knowledge prover for Ethereum Layer 2

StarWare, the developer of Starknet, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, has announced the development of a new open-source zero knowledge prover called Stwo. The prover is based on Circle STARKs, a novel protocol that promises to improve the efficiency and speed of zero knowledge proofs.

Zero knowledge proofs are a cryptographic technique that allows users to verify the validity of transactions or computations without revealing any sensitive information. They are essential for ensuring the security and privacy of Layer 2 solutions, which aim to reduce the congestion and high fees on the Ethereum mainnet.

Stwo is expected to offer significant advantages over Stone, the current prover used by Starknet appchains. According to StarWare, Stwo will reduce the latency and processing costs of generating proofs, resulting in lower transaction fees and higher throughput. Stwo will also overcome some of the limitations of Stone, such as the fixed number of transactions per proof and the dependency on trusted setups.

Stwo is an implementation of Circle STARKs, a new protocol that was jointly developed by StarWare and Polygon, another Layer 2 platform. Circle STARKs introduce several innovations, such as recursive composition, adaptive security, and parallelization, that enable more scalable and flexible zero knowledge proofs.

Oren Katz, COO of StarWare, said in a press release that Circle STARKs will be implemented in Stwo, helping to “supercharge Ethereum by more efficiently generating proofs.”

“It’s especially exciting that just a week after the new Circle STARK protocol was announced as a theoretical breakthrough, this protocol is already springing to life with the development of this blazingly fast prover,” Katz said.

StarWare revealed the news at ETHDenver, a major Ethereum conference and hackathon, where it also showcased some of the projects that are building on Starknet, such as DeversiFi, dYdX, and Immutable X. StarWare said that it plans to release Stwo in the coming months and make it available for all Starknet appchains.

Stwo is another example of how StarWare is pushing the boundaries of zero knowledge technology and advancing the Ethereum ecosystem. With Stwo, StarWare hopes to enable more developers and users to benefit from the scalability and security of Starknet, and ultimately, to bring Ethereum closer to its vision of a global, decentralized, and open platform.

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