Starknet Foundation Clarifies Rumors Amid Airdrop Speculation Sparked by Social Media Screenshots

The Starknet Foundation, the driving force behind the innovative Ethereum Layer 2 network Starknet, recently found itself in the spotlight due to swirling speculations surrounding an anticipated airdrop. The buzz ensued following the circulation of two screenshots on various social media platforms, causing a frenzy of curiosity and assumptions among crypto enthusiasts.

The screenshots, allegedly captured from pages momentarily visible on Starknet’s website, provided a sneak peek into potential criteria for the impending airdrop. These criteria purportedly outlined the qualifying crypto activities that would enable an address to partake in the airdrop. However, inconsistencies in the content, including missing copy and even a misspelling of the project’s name, hinted at an early draft status.

Responding to the commotion, the Starknet Foundation offered clarification, shedding light on the nature of the leaked screenshots. “Tech teams build and test different front ends, some of which see the light of day and some which don’t,” the Foundation explained, addressing the accidental exposure of the draft plans.

Emphasizing the developmental phase of the leaked information, the Foundation assured the community that finalized criteria and allocation details for the airdrop would be shared in due course. Additionally, the Foundation confirmed the existence of a cutoff date for eligibility, indicating that further user actions would not impact eligibility.

Interestingly, the plan for an airdrop wasn’t entirely unforeseen. The Foundation had previously hinted at the prospect of community rewards a year ago during the announcement of the Stark token. In a 2022 declaration, the Starknet Foundation outlined the issuance of 10 billion Stark (STRK) tokens, with 50% retained by the organization and the remaining portion allocated to core developers, ecosystem contributors, and the community.

Starknet itself operates as a decentralized Layer 2 network built on Ethereum, employing a zero-knowledge roll-up solution. This innovative approach involves condensing multiple transactions off-chain before collectively publishing them on the Ethereum network, aiming to enhance scalability and efficiency within the blockchain ecosystem.

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