South Korea’s ‘Furiever Coin’ Murder Case: Couple Accused of Involvement Claim They Lent 40 Million Won ( $30,000)

South Korea has been rocked by news of a high-profile murder case involving individuals in the crypto industry. Mr. and Mrs. Yoo, prominent figures in the industry, have been accused of being behind the kidnapping and murder of a woman in her 40s in Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam.

The couple has now claimed that they gave a deposit of 40 million won ($30,000) to Lee Kyung-woo, the main culprit, according to their lawyer who spoke to reporters on the 5th at the Suseo Police Station in Seoul.

Suspects in Gangnam Murder Case Appear for Warrant Review at Central District Court in Seoul.

The Yoo’s lawyer revealed that the couple had lent Lee Kyung-woo 35 million won in 2021 and had written an IOU for repayment with a period of five years and an interest rate of 2%. However, the IOU was not used for the 5 million won that Mr. Yoo had handed over to Lee Kyung-woo.

The lawyer further stated that Lee had come to the Yoo’s house and near their office, respectively, asking for 60 million won right after the crime on the night of the 29th of last month until the afternoon of the 31st, but the couple refused to lend him the money.

The lawyer’s position is that Lee Kyung-woo had asked the Yoo couple for money, having learned about the coin investment rather than the murder request. The police have secured statements from Dae-Hwan Hwang and Ji-Ho Yeon, who were arrested earlier, saying that “Kyu-Woo Lee said he received 40 million won from the upper line.”

The police are now concentrating their investigation on whether the 40 million won handed over by the Yoo’s to Lee Kyung-woo is not in the nature of a ‘settlement money’ that was handed over in relation to the kidnapping and murder of the victim.

The Yoo couple and victim A were involved in civil and criminal lawsuits due to the failure to invest in the cryptocurrency ‘Furiever Coin’. The couple had invested 3 billion won in the token, even in the ‘private sale’ method, which is open to minority investors in advance, but had not yet received the token. It has also been confirmed that they were preparing for a cryptocurrency platform company in Hong Kong recently after successfully investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum while operating a mobile phone sales agency.

The police arrested Yoo on suspicion of instigating robbery and murder, and from 4:10 pm, they seized and searched Yoo’s residence and vehicle to secure related evidence. Meanwhile, Lee Kyung-kyu is accused of leading the crime by pointing out the victim, while Hwang Dae-han and Yeon Ji-ho are charged with abducting and killing the victim themselves.

Mr. Hwang and Mr. Yeon have detailed Lee’s participation in the crime, including receiving 7 million won, including 5 million won as a down payment from Lee Kyung-woo, but Mr. Lee only admits to some facts and denies participating in the crime itself.

Police Disclose Identities of Three Main Suspects in Gangnam Murder Case.

The disclosure of the identities of the suspects has raised questions about privacy, but the Personal Information Disclosure Deliberation Committee has revealed that there is sufficient evidence, such as confessions from some of the suspects and arrest warrants issued for all three. This case has sent shockwaves through South Korea and is sure to have wider implications for the coin industry and virtual currency investments in general.

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