South Korean blockchain company Dunamu launches NFTs for conservation project

South Korean blockchain company Dunamu announced on the 9th that it will issue the final three rounds of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for the “Endangered Plant Protection Project,” which it has been pursuing with the Korea National Arboretum. The project is part of Dunamu’s ESG keyword “tree,” and is a forest restoration project designed to raise awareness of the importance of conserving endangered plants in Korea.

Each NFT contains information on the plant’s habitat and extinction level (endangered species, threatened species, vulnerable species), emphasizing the uniqueness and scarcity of the plant. All proceeds from the sale of NFTs and commissions will be used to restore endangered plants. The 10 endangered plant species in Korea will be presented in three drops on Upbit NFT. The third drop will feature four NFT artworks of tree species, including the popular Christmas tree species, Abies Koreana, the island species with the name ‘island’ attached, Abies koreana var. seoulensis, Abies nephrolepis and a native species of Korea, Picea koraiensis, which was first discovered in North Korea.

The NFTs will be sold on Upbit NFT at a fixed price until noon on the 10th. As this is the final issuance schedule for the “Endangered Plant Protection Project,” it is expected to attract great attention.

Dunamu Showcases NFT Art Featuring Endangered Gusang Trees

Buyers of NFT artworks will also receive various benefits. If they purchase one artwork, they will receive two tickets each to the National Sejong Arboretum and National Baekdu-Daegan Arboretum. Those who purchase three or more NFTs of the same extinction level, or four or more NFTs regardless of extinction level, will receive a rare species NFT artwork. Of these, ten people will also receive goods made with NFTs of endangered species. All members who hold five different types of NFTs will receive an annual membership to the National Sejong Arboretum.

Further details on the event can be found on the Upbit NFT official website notice board.

Dunamu CEO Lee Seok-woo said, “We hope this project will raise awareness of and contribute to the protection of endangered plants in Korea,” and emphasized that “in the future, Dunamu will continue to contribute to a sustainable future and environment by utilizing its technology and know-how in various ways.”

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