SORA Network Releases Latest Version, SORA v1.9.0, on Testnet

The SORA Network, which aims to create a supranational economic system that can efficiently provide capital to producers and implement a new way to architect a parachain blockchain, has just released its latest version, SORA v1.9.0, on the testnet. This release includes significant changes, including the replacement of balances.transfer with assets.transfer for a uniformed transfer process and the addition of a swap transfer batch feature for ADAR.

Moreover, the Strategic Bonus APY has been enabled for XSTUSD-based pools, and the liquidityProxy.quote payload now includes an added swap route and amount_without_impact. These updates are currently available on the testnet, and more updates are expected to come.

The SORA Network provides tools for decentralized applications that use digital assets, such as atomic token swaps, bridging tokens to other blockchains, and creating programmatic rules involving digital assets. XOR is the native utility token that is used for transaction fees (gas) on the SORA substrate network and is elastic in supply, managed by a token bonding curve.

The SORA Parliament is the governance system for the SORA Network, and its main task is to allocate newly minted XOR to productive projects. The Parliament has multiple bodies with clear separation of powers and where the members (Citizens) are chosen randomly.

With the release of SORA v1.9.0, the SORA Network continues to push forward its vision of a supranational economic system that can efficiently provide capital to producers and a supranational and democratic governance structure to allocate capital in a fair way. This latest release further enhances the SORA Network’s functionality, providing new and improved tools for decentralized applications.

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