Solana Spaces to Close its Physical Stores in New York City and Miami

Solana Spaces, a startup that was founded just over a year ago, has announced that it will be closing down its two Solana themed retail stores in New York City and Miami by the end of this month. The company made this announcement via a tweet on February 21st, which included a note from the company’s founder, Vibhu Norby.

According to the tweet, the physical stores didn’t attract as many users as initially anticipated, prompting the company to pivot its Solana onboarding efforts towards digital products like DRiP, a free NFT product with over 100,000 sign-ups.

In his note, Norby expressed his gratitude to the Solana Foundation, Phantom, Orca, and other ecosystem teams that supported Solana Spaces over the last year. He also thanked his team, saying that they were the greatest startup retail team ever assembled and executed at the highest of levels.

Norby highlighted that the company’s mission from day one was to experiment with new and disruptive models to bring people to Web3 and serve the community on behalf of the Solana Foundation. As such, he explained that they had made the difficult decision to sunset their stores in NYC and Miami by the end of February and focus their efforts on DRiP, which onboarded the same quantity of people as their stores did every week, but every day.

However, the dream continues for Solana Spaces in two ways. First, through their Spaces DAO, they plan to continue supporting the mission for Solana in real life all over the world by open-sourcing both the software that powers Spaces and the brand. Second, they are in the process of identifying a place for people to pick up Solana merch and participate in other IRL activities in NYC and Miami.

Norby urged people to visit their stores in their final week, where they could take one last picture and pick up free high-quality Solana gear, while supplies last and with some limitations. He also instructed his retail team to be ultra-generous and asked people to share their pictures and what they got on Twitter so they could all enjoy the final week of Solana Spaces together.

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