Solana Phone Saga 2 Skyrockets in Popularity with a Remarkable 1000% Surge Following Purchase

Solana has launched its second web3 smartphone, Saga 2, which is attracting a lot of attention from crypto traders. This is because Solana-based coins, which are provided free of charge to smartphone buyers, have recorded an increase in the 1000% range.

According to the industry on the 6th, Saga 2, the second model of the web3 smartphone Saga launched by Solana, has received more than 60,000 orders in just three weeks since pre-sale began. Saga 2 is expected to be released in the first half of next year.

Saga, also known as Solana Phone, was first released in June 2022. Solana Mobile, a subsidiary of Solana Development Company (Solana Labs), developed Saga to provide mobile services optimized for Web 3, including virtual asset trading, non-fungible token (NFT) issuance, and decentralized finance (DApp) utilization.

At the beginning of Saga’s first release, sales rates were sluggish. However, as word soon spread, the entire product was sold out on the official website, and on the online auction site eBay, it was sold for $5,000, five times higher than the original price ($1,000). The launch of Saga 2 also appears to have stemmed from the success of the existing model, Saga 1.

The reason why smartphones made by coin developers are so popular is because of expectations for airdrop (free) coins. In particular, the exclusive provision of meme coins and NFTs issued based on Solana, which jumped more than 15 times last year, is considered a success factor.

In fact, it is reported that Saga 1 buyers made a large profit through the ‘BONK’ they received at the time of purchase. This is because Bonk jumped more than 1000% after it was airdropped to Saga 1 buyers. The coin investment was successful through the purchase of the company.

Accordingly, coiners are also looking forward to Saga 2, which will provide exclusive NFTs and non-transferable coins to customers who pre-order Saga 2. The current price of Saga 2 is set at $450, which is half the price of Saga 1.

Solana Labs, the developer of Solana, said that Saga 2 is not just a smartphone, but a gateway to the web3 world. “We want to make web3 accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Saga 2 is designed to offer the best user experience and security for web3 applications and services. We hope that Saga 2 will be a catalyst for the mass adoption of web3,” a Solana Labs spokesperson said.

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