Solana announced the launch of their Android smartphone named Saga and the Solana Mobile Stack software for Android

Solana Labs launches Solana Mobile Stack on the Android mobile platform and prepares to launch the Saga smartphone in early 2023.

Solana makes smartphones, dApp store

At an event in New York City, Solana Labs CEO Anatoly Yakovenko revealed the Solana Mobile Stack software ecosystem for Android, along with the look and feel of a smartphone called “Saga” that will ship next week. early 2023. This is the next move that shows Solana Labs placing huge bets on Web3.

Solana Mobile Stack (SMS) is a crypto layer built on Android to make the user’s Web3 experience more seamless. According to the company, the feature will work on all mobile devices, not just Android. This is a toolkit for developers who want to create crypto mobile apps on Solana and SMS is now available for download.

SMS includes:

  • Seed Vault: a software solution for storing private keys, seed phrases, as well as sensitive information that needs to be protected on Android devices.
  • Solana Pay: to facilitate mobile payments.
  • Decentralized dApp store: for mobile devices, providing easy access to Web3 applications and wallets built on Solana at no cost.
  • SMS also allows mint (create) and trade NFTs, access to Solana Defi as well as Web3 games on Solana.

Not stopping there, Solana Labs will release its own Android smartphone called Saga early next year. This is the main product of Solana Labs in the near future. The smartphone is packed with top-of-the-line specs including a Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, a 6.67-inch OLED display, 12GB of RAM, and 512GB of storage.

Saga will have a security hardware module to integrate Seed Vault and protect users’ personal information from exploits and attacks. The phone is expected to retail for around $1,000. Solana Labs is taking a $100 deposit and will give priority to Solana developers first. Early pre-orders will receive a limited edition NFT marking the phone’s launch.

Additionally, the Solana Foundation will establish a $10 million developer ecosystem fund to provide grants to mobile creators. Projects in the Solana ecosystem that will develop apps/support for Saga include NFT MagicEden. Move-to-Earn StepN application, OkayBears NFT project, Orca DEX exchange, Phantom wallet, etc.

In the past, the history of the crypto industry has seen two units that have produced blockchain smartphones, SIRIN LABS and HTC Exodus. At the end of 2018, Sirin Labs’ Blockchain FINNEY smartphone was launched in Spain. FINNEY was created to solve the problems that crypto fans often face, especially safety and security. Meanwhile, HTC Exodus is a blockchain smartphone that has cooperated with Opera, Brave, and Binance browsers has a built-in Binance Chain, and supports DEX exchange in 2019. However, neither of these products received approval. wide attention and gradually fell into oblivion.

Tech giant Samsung has recently launched a digital wallet Samsung Wallet, as well as a built-in crypto wallet that supports Bitcoin and Ethereum’s ERC-20 tokens in its high-end smartphone product lines since. from S10, NFT support on TV, and metaverse testing.

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