SK Telecom Forges Path to a Web3 Revolution with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest mobile operator, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with Aptos and Atomrigs Lab to usher in a new era of Web3 experiences. The collaboration is set to bring seamless and secure Web3 services to users, promising a host of innovative offerings, including a Web3 wallet and an NFT marketplace.

The partnership, formalized through a tripartite agreement, is a testament to the rapid growth and potential of Web3 technology, showcasing SK Telecom’s commitment to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving digital landscape. The official announcement from SK Telecom reads, “SK telecom signed a tripartite agreement with #Aptos, a rapidly-emerging and scaling layer 1 mainnet, and Atomrigs Lab, SK telecom’s technology partner. Through the collaboration with Aptos, SK telecom is committed to delivering a seamless and secure Web3 experience for users.”

Aptos Network, the layer 1 mainnet that has quickly gained prominence in the Web3 space, has been pivotal in realizing this vision. According to reports, Aptos Network had a remarkable third quarter, with a substantial surge in usage. This success can be attributed to a series of strategic partnerships, including collaborations with tech giant Microsoft, entertainment behemoth NBCUniversal, and several other major players in the digital ecosystem.

One key aspect of Aptos Network’s growth has been its collaboration with Thala Foundry, an incubator formed in partnership with the top DeFi protocol, Thala. This partnership has not only contributed to the network’s growth but has also supported the development of various Web3 applications and projects.

The statistics provided by Messari further underscore the remarkable rise of Aptos Network. In Q3, the network experienced a significant increase in various parameters, with average daily transactions, active addresses, and new addresses growing by 207%, 329%, and 410% quarter-over-quarter, respectively. This impressive growth was partly fueled by the integration of the popular social media platform Chingari and the sustained expansion of the DeFi ecosystem.

Source: Messari

The partnership with Microsoft has also played a vital role in Aptos Network’s journey, with plans to introduce Microsoft Azure AI features to the network, beginning with Aptos Assistant, a chatbot designed to assist users and developers in navigating the world of Aptos.

The network’s upgrades to V1.5 and V1.6 have been pivotal in enabling new functionalities, including the introduction of the Quorum Store and a Fungible Assets standard. Moreover, these upgrades have facilitated applications to subsidize gas from end users and allowed delegators to actively participate in on-chain governance, contributing to the network’s robustness and adaptability.

Thala, a DeFi protocol, launched Thala Foundry in collaboration with the Aptos Foundation, dedicating $1 million in initial funding to support various Aptos DeFi projects. This initiative underscores the commitment to fostering innovation and collaboration within the Web3 ecosystem.

Additionally, the Aptos Foundation has inked partnerships with numerous large conglomerates and gaming companies, such as NEOWIZ, MARBLEX, NBCUniversal, and the Lotte Group. These partnerships promise to bring a host of exciting opportunities and experiences to Web3 users.

As South Korea’s premier mobile operator, SK Telecom’s foray into the Web3 landscape, alongside the expertise of Aptos Network and Atomrigs Lab, signals a promising future for Web3 technology. The tripartite agreement between these industry leaders will undoubtedly contribute to the development of secure and seamless Web3 experiences, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital world. With Web3 innovations on the horizon, it’s an exciting time for users, developers, and all stakeholders in the digital ecosystem.

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