Singapore’s Central Bank Considers Banning Credit Facilities and Leverage for Crypto Trading

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has announced that it aims to release feedback on consultations regarding cryptocurrency and stablecoin regulations by the middle of 2023.

This announcement comes after the central bank published two consultation papers in October of 2022, seeking responses on proposed regulatory measures to protect consumers from the risks of trading in crypto and support the development of stablecoins.

The consultation period closed on December 21st, 2022, and MAS received substantial feedback from a wide range of respondents. In response to a parliamentary question, MAS Chairman Tharman Shanmugaratnam stated that the authority is currently reviewing the feedback received and intends to publish its response by mid-2023.

Among the proposed regulatory measures for crypto service providers, MAS is considering banning the use of credit facilities and leverage by retail consumers for trading. Meanwhile, for stablecoins, MAS intends to regulate the issuance of single currency-pegged stablecoins with over S$5 million (US$3.7 million) worth in circulation. The authority also plans to allow Singapore banks to issue such stablecoins.

It is worth noting that Singapore has been vocal about its stance on cryptocurrency, with the government repeatedly highlighting the risks associated with trading in the industry. Singapore has taken steps to restrict the advertising and promotion of cryptocurrencies, as well as blocking crypto ATM services.

MAS has made it clear that it intends to balance the risks and benefits associated with crypto and stablecoins. While the authority recognizes the potential benefits of these technologies, it is committed to ensuring that consumers are adequately protected from the risks. The forthcoming feedback on consultations regarding crypto and stablecoin regulations will provide further clarity on how MAS plans to balance these competing interests.

In conclusion, MAS is taking a measured approach to regulating the cryptocurrency and stablecoin industry in Singapore. The forthcoming feedback on consultations will provide insights into the authority’s plans for regulating the industry and ensuring consumer protection. It remains to be seen how the industry will respond to these proposed regulations, but MAS has made it clear that it intends to strike a balance between risk and reward.

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