A leaked Telegram discussion from 50 crypto influencers that using the worthless Few tokens to scam naive investors

A conversation between 50 people considered to be the most influential in the cryptocurrency market has been leaked, showing that they are quietly benefiting from deer investors. Specifically, the whole team is plotting to devise an elaborate scheme to deceive investors by using the worthless FEW tokens. The FEW tokens will be airdropped to some influencers, promoting them to gullible followers on Twitter.

FEW tokens are used to profit from unsuspecting investors

When the project gained some traction, members secretly planned to sell airdrop tokens to deceive investors and make profits. According to a report by Boxizing, the instigators tried to capitalize on the current massive hype after many missed the MEME airdrop.

However, it looks like things have collapsed after a screenshot of the discussion started circulating on social media. On Twitter, some users reacted angrily to revelations and accused some of the prominent names as scammers.

One of the known instigators, Anthony Sassano, co-founder of Ethhub.io, apologized as far as the plan was concerned. In the screenshot, Sassano is the one who said, “We need everyone to ignore it.” Sassano has been vehemently condemned for his role in the scam, as well as attempts to see his comments as a joke.

However, writing on Twitter, Sassano offers a more mediating tone:

“I know for some, the ‘I was just joking’ defense is a weak one and I totally understand why people are skeptical of it. I sometimes forget that text-based humor does not translate at all and can very easily be misinterpreted. I will be more cognizant of this going forward.”

Sassano insists that he is not here to dump or scam anyone. Instead, he wants to “educate and develop the adoption of Ethereum and DeFi,” which will always be his “number one goal.” While Sassano said he would try to rebuild his image. Having been tarnished, some Twitter users remained skeptical. After making an apology, Sassano reportedly burned the tokens and how Alex Masmej, another influencer, appeared in that leaked conversation.

Like Sassano, Masmej tries to keep the problem down by saying:

“There is no major negative effect as the FEW tokens have never been listed.” However, the Boxosing report points out that some people actually bought a FEW tokens because of the Twitter influencers’ promotional posts. Furthermore, before it became clear that the FEW tokens are not listed on any exchange, many still tried to profit from the hype by listing fake FEW token trading pairs on Uniswap in an effort to attract some members to trade.

This conspiracy was exposed, and we really have to rethink the scams in the cryptocurrency market. However, the apparent involvement of influencers in well-orchestrated Pump & Dump schemes like the FEW tokens raises concerns about the DeFi boom. Regulators wishing to limit the development of the crypto market will likely use this as the excuse – such scams – to justify no interventions in the future.

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