Silk Road programmer pleaded guilty to concealing his involvement in the once-sprawling darknet market’s backend operations

According to the prosecutors in the hard-charging Southern District of New York, Silk Road programmer Michael R. Weigand pleaded guilty to concealing his involvement in the sub-activism of the illustrious darknet market.


Silk Road Programmer Pleads Guilty to Making False Statements

Prosecutors allege the following:

“Michael R. Weigand, 56, worked to fix the Silk Road loopholes in its heyday and provided tech advice to the site’s management.”

Prosecutors claim he also removed evidence from an apartment in London in 2013. But with the notorious market for illegal drugs and illegal services now gone for nearly seven years. Prosecutors in New York’s Southern District chose to attack Weigand for cover-up instead of crime.

Weigand admits that he lied to IRS and FBI special agents in January 2019 about his role on Silk Road, his pseudonym, his use of Bitcoin on the site. and his interactions with the convicted Silk Road operator Ross Ulbricht, Dread Pirate Roberts.

The charge comes with a maximum legal sentence of five years. Expected sentencing in mid-December. Whatever the outcome, Ulbricht will not be sentenced to life.

The fees could illustrate how Bitcoin’s long-standing public ledger makes it nearly impossible to conceal a person’s transaction history from law enforcement officials, even as they start searching for years. after the mentioned transactions have taken place.

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