[Shock]: XRP ‘to the moon’ at $7308 in 1-minute candle on Coinbase

An individual minute on January 4 may probably be one of the happiest moments of the year for XRP traders on Coinbase, especially for those who have sold off their entire hodlings in that weird time.

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XRP ‘to the moon’ $ 7308 on Coinbase

According to information shared on Twitter by Larry Swanson, XRP saw a ridiculous jump on Jan. 4. According to him, the candle of XRP on the Coinbase chart, which priced below $ 1, has jumped above $ 7,000 to reach $ 7,308 in the 1-minute candle on Coinbase.

While Bitcoin was priced around that range yesterday before rising to $ 7,500 today,
implying that the XRP candle was comparable to BTC on the Coinbase chart at the time.

However, Larry claimed it could be a bug or an error affecting the XRP price, and the information on the chart also confirms that it is definitely a big error. On the dashboard, the real value of XRP at that time was still below $ 0.2, while the cryptocurrency candle was higher than $ 7,000.

Not only that, at the time of the error, XRP price has lost 0.41% within 24 hours.

The issue led to an active discussion topic on Twitter. Tittlet also mentioned that in October, there was a similar event, causing the XRP price to be at the same candle level as BTC.
He noted that at the time, when Bitcoin was priced above $ 8,300, XRP hit the $ 7,341 mark in a 1-minute candle.

Beaipper Bull said Coinbase is losing control of price-suppression.

A strange event occurred around the time the cryptocurrency market was trying to test an uptrend recovery as the war between the US and Iran lasted. The XRP price is trading at $ 0.2, with an increase of nearly 6%.


XRP price today. Source: Coinmarketcap

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