Shibarium beta PUPPYNET has set new milestones just days after launch

Only days after its inception, Shibarium beta PUPPYNET has achieved new milestones. As stated, the “PUPPYNET” early beta test of the Shibarium network went live on March 11.

Shibarium Puppynet completed 3,513 transactions, totaling 413,352 blocks, according to data given by the puppyscan website. More total blocks are added every second, so the information is constantly updated.


Source: Puppyscan

There were 2,560 wallet addresses with an average block duration of five seconds. The number of transactions increased rapidly starting on March 14 and continued to rise to the time of writing, despite the recent controversy with Shibarium’s codebase, a chart shows.

When a Discord channel user pointed out that the Shibarium chain and the Rinia Testnet chain had the same Chain ID, 917, on March 16, it caused panic among the Shiba Inu community.

Shiba Inu creator Kaal Dhairya addressed the issues, saying that the chain ID was not registered when it was chosen and that he made the “error” of neglecting to double-check when Puppynet was launched.

Shiba Inu principal developer Shytoshi Kusama’s images of Telegram discussions indicate that the documentation for Shibarium should arrive the following week.

“Without getting into any fist fights, I will be redeploying the new version of the beta network with a new chain ID. Fresh deployments will be rare in the future but are possible because we will still be in the beta phase”, Kaal highlighted the steps he would take afterward.

Shiba Inu’s scorching mood was much better after the Shibarium beta launch. In a blog post, the Shiba Inu team wrote that network transactions would influence SHIB burns. Consequently, it is expected that SHIB burning may speed up if Shibarium expands and transaction volume rises.

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