Shiba Inu’s Principal Developer Launches Early Beta Test for Shibarium Network

Shiba Inu’s principal developer Shytoshi Kusama has announced that the beta test for Shibarium, a decentralized layer 2 network, has gone live. The network is designed to power the projects of a large, global, and decentralized community. According to Kusama, Shibarians have been subject to outdated systems and methods of control that harm Shibkind, and Shibarium is the opportunity to change that.

Shibarium is an open early beta test, and anyone can build on the network. It is a layer 2 blockchain that allows anyone to build DAPPS, integrate into IRL businesses, and power projects with it. The network is low cost and burns Shib in the process, and it is being adjusted as the beta test continues over the next few months.

Shibarium is only limited by the imagination as anyone can build on the Shibarium Network. Kusama encourages developers to try the early beta test and access the network through the official RPC website. The network has also provided a Shibarium Technology intake form for those who prefer a red carpet experience and top-notch support.

The network also announced that next week, documentation will follow for those who wish to be Validators, and for all other developers, they can go ahead and grab some test bone and give it a go. Shib burns will depend on the txns in the network, and to keep track, there will be a running chart for burnt Shib on the burn portal.

Shibarians who are attending the SXSW event can stop by the Shib The Metaverse booth and view the Early Alpha experience of WAGMI TEMPLE. The MV team has set up the booth for the media and the community to view.

Finally, the biggest fud and fudder goes to a person making a competing product trying to convince people that SBF is Ryoshi. Kusama dispels this myth by stating that Ryoshi was a big fan of wrestling and would never have run a centralized exchange (CEX). As Shibarium moves forward, Kusama encourages everyone to stay strong and continue building for a better future.

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