Shardeum announces airdrop roadmap for users with 25.4 million SHM tokens

On the evening of February 2, 2024, Shardeum (SHM), a layer-1 blockchain project built on the EVM structure, officially announced the airdrop roadmap for users through three phases with a total of 25.4 million SHM tokens allocated.

This exciting news came as Shardeum was preparing to launch the Incentivized Testnet network, giving early contributors the opportunity to receive 3.6616 million SHM tokens in the “Phase 1” airdrop campaign. Specifically, the airdrop campaign will be allocated by Shardeum Foundation – the organization behind the development of Shardeum blockchain – 25.4 million SHM tokens as rewards for users interacting with the network through three phases with different SHM token allocation ratios:

  • Phase 1 (snapshot in the period from 02/02/2022 – before 1 day of launching Incentivized Testnet): 3.6616 million SHM tokens will be for users who support the project’s products early.
  • Phase 2 (Not announced): 3.2965 million SHM allocated for users participating in interacting with the Shardeum Incentivized Testnet network.
  • Phase 3 (Not announced): Users who meet the criteria on the Shardeum Mainnet network will be allocated 18.4419 million SHM tokens.

In Phase 1, SHM token rewards will be distributed to 35,281 (or 42,281) wallet addresses classified into four groups, including:

  • Off-chain contributors: Support the project in designing logos, websites, creating content, creating coverage for the project on Twitter/Discord channels …
  • On-chain contributors: Have a role in managing the Shardeum network, participating in transactions, testing various dapps and other related activities.
  • Node Validators: 50 top Node validators based on the criteria to be announced after the launch of Incentivized Testnet will receive 500 – 10,000 SHM. The remaining number of validators will be evaluated for performance and random selection criteria through a vote to reach the final decision, with SHM tokens ranging from 100-200. A total of 3.6616 million SHM tokens will be allocated to the four groups of users who contributed early on the Shardeum network.

Although specific details such as the wallet address information of users who meet the criteria, and the process to claim SHM tokens for “Phase 1” have not been announced, they will be shared by Shardeum Foundation in upcoming announcements.

In addition, the Shardeum team encourages users to participate in the upcoming Incentivized Testnet network to increase the amount of SHM tokens received, while affirming that this is also an important activity in shaping the future of the platform.

Shardeum is a smart contract platform, compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), designed to scale linearly while maintaining decentralization and robust security through the use of Dynamic State Sharding technology. In which, SHM is the native token of the platform, used for various utilities, including staking, governance, gas fee payment.

The project is developed by a team with a lot of experience in the market, most notably Nischal Setty – founder and CEO of WazirX, a large crypto exchange in India. The goal of Shardeum is to build a better, faster and cheaper Layer-1 to serve the development of DeFi and other dApps.

Shardeum is the latest project to join the airdrop wave of DeFi protocols in the past month such as JUP, WEN, ZetaChain (ZETA), Manta Network (MANTA), AltLayer (ALT)…

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