Shanghai Data Exchange and Guangming Milk Company Pioneer Digital Asset Issuance and Trading

In a significant move towards embracing the digital era, Guangming Milk Company has partnered with the Shanghai Data Exchange to successfully complete the integration of their digital asset issuance and trading platforms. The collaboration resulted in the launch of the first tradable digital asset named “龙耀追光, 一订光明” (Dragon Shines, One Order Bright) – a limited edition digital asset based on the popular “光明随心订” (Guangming SuiXinDing) IP.

The official statement labels this achievement as a demonstrative case of dual-platform connectivity for the issuance and trading of brand-marketing-oriented digital assets. In simpler terms, Guangming Milk Company has issued a digital collectible, and it has undergone secondary trading on the Shanghai Data Exchange in compliance with regulations.

The digital asset, featuring a New National Style themed illustration with a quantity of 999, is not just a collectible but comes with long-term consumer benefits and brand membership rights. Guangming Milk Company plans to establish a “Digital Asset Club Program,” inviting asset holders to participate in product tastings, eco-friendly practices, and charitable events, fostering diverse brand values.

According to data from the China Digital Asset Network, the initial release price for the “龙耀追光” collectible was 66 yuan, experiencing a surge to the 500 yuan range. As of 8 AM on February 19th, 171 units had been sold, with 281 transactions and a floor price of 562 yuan.

In an official tweet from the Shanghai Data Exchange, the completion of digital asset listing and trading is emphasized as a crucial step in aligning with the “Action Plan for Promoting the Innovation and Development of Data Element Industries Based on the New Track of the Digital Economy (2023-2025).” This move is seen as a significant stride in exploring the integration of digital asset circulation mechanisms with research and the real economy, paving the way for future development.

Reflecting on this development, it appears to be a positive move with subtle promotional intentions from both state-owned enterprises. The issuance of tradable digital assets adds legitimacy to the concept and provides a model for other brands and platforms.

Analyzing the social significance of this event, several points come to light:

  1. Brand-oriented digital asset issuance sets a precedent for other companies, alleviating concerns about legal compliance in the realm of digital collectibles.
  2. The Shanghai Data Exchange’s role in facilitating secondary trading of digital collectibles establishes a potential pathway for similar endeavors in other regions.

Despite the positive aspects, some observers note that the digital asset issuance by Guangming Milk Company seems akin to leveraging NFT technology for a membership card transfer. This perspective raises questions about the necessity of involving a trading platform for what could be a straightforward operation within the brand’s own ecosystem.

The discussion then delves into the broader context of the NFT market, highlighting the evolution of the industry both domestically and internationally. The conclusion emphasizes that the application of new technologies like NFTs requires a careful consideration of specific business or societal contexts to realize their true value.

The article wraps up with a forward-looking view on the Shanghai Data Exchange, indicating its potential shift towards engaging individual investors and sparking speculation about future possibilities in the digital asset space.

In conclusion, the article encourages anticipation for the future development of Web3.0 in China, asserting that it may not unfold as the cryptocurrency community envisions. The vast market size in China is expected to lead to the exploration of a development path suited to local conditions. As data becomes increasingly recognized as a valuable asset, questions about ownership, pricing, and trading methods will continue to be addressed, presenting challenges and opportunities for the evolving digital landscape.

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