September is going to be a huge month for Cardano, according to analyst Ben Armstrong

With smart contracts ready to go live and teams already building on the network, September is going to be the most exciting time for Cardano (ADA) network. Top analyst Ben Armstrong shares with his subscribers the latest update of Cardano as well as the potential price action of this coin.

Cardano eco-system developments

According to the trader, each phase of the Alonzo upgrade more or less has gone according to plan with no major issues, and now they are less than two weeks away from the network going live, which is scheduled for September 12.

Besides, in a live stream this week, Charles Hoskinson told the Cardano community the smart contracts will be launching on time. However, unfortunately, the Cyberpunk project Cardano City has announced that they have had to push back the release of their NFTs citing some technical issues.

Cardano City NFTs are sure to be extremely cool and, no doubt, one of the hottest NFT drops of this summer.”

Price action

The price of ADA has rallied this month in response to these recent developments, climbing from around $1 at its local bottom all the way up to nearly $3 where it has recently begun to consolidate.

As Benstrong says, this movement has taken Cardano even further into the mainstream and has recently caught the attention of the Reddit crowd that does most of their investing on Robinhood. Last week, the Dogecoin millionaire, Glauber Contessoto, announced that he will be going all in on Cardano, saying that he plans to start buying up as much Cardano as humanly possible.

In terms of the upcoming price movement, the crypto KOL expects Cardano to hit anywhere from the $8 to $10 range during this bull run.

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