Self-proclaimed ‘Creator of Bitcoin’ calls Ripple CEO criminal

Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist claiming to be the Bitcoin inventor, has once more openly denounced Ripple and XRP. This time, the victim was Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of the bitcoin company whom Wright had previously described as a criminal. Garlinghouse’s recent remarks that the SEC’s enforcement-based approach to regulation will harm the crypto business in the United States were the impetus for the phony Satoshi’s scandalous declaration.

Wright has already referred to Ripple and XRP as the most meaningless pump-and-dump scheme; this is not his first outspoken critique of them. Wright has also committed to publishing a research study on XRP in 2023, which he claims would demonstrate the system’s dishonesty. Wright is known as Faketoshi in the cryptocurrency community.

The administration of Ripple has not commented on the scientist’s most recent loud assertion. The most recent instance was when David Schwartz, chief technical officer for Ripple, called Wright a “despicable coward” for suing programmers for their ideas, which Schwartz deemed to be “vile” and “grotesque.”

The renowned Wright v. McCormack trial was in question, and the latter was a defendant in a libel lawsuit brought against an Australian scientist. Although the trial was protracted, it was hilarious that it finished with McCormack being forced to pay Wright £1.

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