Sei Network Implements Humanode Face Verification to Verify Users on Discord

Sei Network, the L1 blockchain platform, has announced the completion of its Discord upgrade, allowing users to now obtain Verified Seilor roles through Humanode face verification. This innovative feature aims to distinguish real people from robots within the community and safeguards against potential sybil attacks on the mainnet.

The Verified Seilor role is a highly coveted badge of authenticity within the Sei Discord community. With the ever-increasing difficulty of discerning who is real and who is not in the vast realm of the internet, Sei Network places great value on the presence of genuine individuals rather than automated bots.

To maintain a bot-free environment and ensure the integrity of their community, Sei Network has implemented the use of BotBasher, a Crypto Bio authentication tool. By incorporating this tool, Sei Network takes an extra step in guaranteeing that individuals engaging on their Discord server are indeed human users.

The concept of proof of personhood lies at the core of Sei Network’s commitment to fostering authenticity within their community. By introducing the Verified Seilor role, they provide a tangible and visible symbol that signifies a person’s genuine identity amidst the online sea of anonymity.

Sei Network encourages interested users to follow the server menu and navigate to Linked Roles, specifically the Humanode section, where they can complete the necessary steps to obtain their very own Verified Seilor role. This process will include the Humanode face verification, further reinforcing the notion of authenticity and ensuring that individuals are indeed real humans.

The importance of authenticity cannot be overstated, especially in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Sybil attacks, where malicious actors create multiple identities to manipulate networks, pose a significant threat to the trust and stability of decentralized systems. Sei Network’s Discord upgrade and implementation of the Humanode face verification process are instrumental in countering these attacks and establishing a community of genuine individuals.

With the completion of the Discord capacity upgrade, Sei Network is now eagerly welcoming more Seilors aboard their platform. The Verified Seilor role is a symbol of trust and authenticity, providing users with a sense of security while engaging with the Sei community.

As Sei Network continues to make strides in ensuring a real and thriving community, they serve as a beacon for other blockchain projects seeking to establish trust and authenticity within their ecosystems. By leveraging innovative solutions like Humanode face verification and Crypto Bio authentication tools such as BotBasher, Sei Network sets a precedent for others to follow in their footsteps.

In conclusion, the completion of the Discord upgrade by L1 blockchain Sei Network and the introduction of Humanode face verification for Verified Seilor roles mark a significant milestone in the pursuit of authenticity within their community. By taking proactive measures to prevent sybil attacks and establish the presence of real people, Sei Network is fostering trust, security, and a thriving environment for their growing community of Seilors.

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