SEC requests UK intervention in Telegram GRAM court case

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has asked the UK to intervene in court against Telegram and its GRAM token. The SEC asked the High Court of England to force – John Hyman – former Telegram investment advisor testified. This happened as a result of Hyman’s refusal to testify in the case of providing the token of the Telegram company.

The December 7 report said the SEC’s request was disclosed by documents submitted by regulatory agencies to the US District Court to the Southern District of New York yesterday.


GRAM is Security?

The SEC firmly believes that the Telegram tokens from the Grams are unregistered securities. The regulator said Telegram stated that its Gram Purchase Agreement but did not require the same for actual tokens. Moreover, “in all cases, the registration waiver under Rule D is not available for Telegram”.

Sec said they are seeking to take Hyman’s testimony for his participation in the Telegram fundraising campaign, for their GRAM tokens. It is known that he has been in communication with more than a dozen investors of Telegram’s Open Network (TON). And recently Telegram CEO Pavel Durov described Hyman as someone who “runs the distribution of GRAM.”The US regulatory agency requires the US government to issue a Letter requesting a deposit of Hyman because he is a UK citizen and resides there. According to records, the SEC attorney had previously contacted Hyman, and Hyman had agreed to appear for voluntary deposit.

Later, Hyman’s lawyer, “refused to return any phone calls and emails regarding Mr. Hyman’s deposit.” The SEC is also seeking to receive Hyman copies in writing with Telegram leaders and investors, in addition to his testimony. These documents detail his investment in grams, along with his work at Telegram.

The documents being requested also contain email exchanges between Durov and potential Gram token buyers. Note that these documents include contact information with Kleiner Perkins’s partner, Mamoon Hamid. The unexpected introduction to Durov by a man named Jared Leto.

It is still not sure whether that person is a famous actor and singer., although many signs indicate this when he uses an email address on the celebrity’s official domain name, jaredleto.com.

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