Scammers targetting XRP investors with convincing email promising rewards through staking

The XRP investors community seems to be on the radar of hackers. In it, scammers are trying to steal XRP by using emails that impersonate Ripple company and advertise a dubbed Introducing Proof-of-Keys Ownership and Staking Event.

The scam email has been sent to XRP investors

The phishing emails were sent on June 26, coming from an email address called According to former XRP investor Tiffany Hayden, emails seem legitimate and can sometimes bypass the spam inbox and stay entirely in our mailbox.

Moreover, the appeal of the scam is that it promises rewards for staking XRP. However, the XRP ledger does not support staking. As revealed by user Tiffany Hayden, someone fell into a trap and sent nearly 100,000 XRP to scammers.

Another phishing email has also hit the XRP community heavily by the downturn of the cryptocurrency market. This email promises to share over 5 million XRP that will be unlocked by Ripple to help the XRP community from the effects that make XRP lose value in the cryptocurrency market.


Source: Screenshot of the fake email shared by @Onyx_1200

In response to the exponential increase of XRP scams targeted at the community, the team at Ripple has pinned the following announcement on its Twitter page to advise investors and traders to be on high alert.

Furthermore, Ripple has asked the XRP community to be more vigilant and wary of the following tips:

  • Emails or events using Ripple logos
  • Impersonating management on social media by using their profile pics and using similar usernames
  • Offering giveaways by using bots to reply to top social media posts on Twitter
  • Sending private messages on Telegram and Twitter
  • Other said tricks to fool potential victims

Besides, XRP administrators should exercise their responsibility and confirm those offers by visiting the company’s main website and other social media sites.

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