Scammers from Twitter have already found way to lure gullible holders of FTT tokens

Scammers are actively attempting to capitalize on the buzz surrounding the FTX/Binance drama as cryptocurrency users scramble to rebuild their portfolios amidst the current massacre.

Scam Alert: FTX Impersonators Launched “Compensation Program”

Top-tier cryptocurrency exchange FTX is still struggling to restore transactions, deposits, and withdrawals as of today, Nov. 10, 2022. As a result, FTT token owners and users of FTX are looking for ways to recover their money.

Meanwhile, scammers on Twitter have launched a "FTT token compensation program." They guarantee an immediate 1,500 FTT airdrop ($4,125 by press time) to all connected wallets. Scammers reassure everyone that each noncustodial Ethereum (ETH) wallet connected to their service will receive the reward with no extra action needed:  Read more on U.Today

Meanwhile, scammers on Twitter have started an “FTT token compensation program”. All associated wallets will receive a 1,500 FTT airdrop ($4,125 as of press time). Scammers promise everyone that the incentive will be sent to each noncustodial Ethereum (ETH) wallet connected to their service automatically and without further action being required: “FTX Foundation distributes tokens $FTT to active users of the Ethereum blockchain users due to users’ financial losses.”

This website has nothing to do with the FTX Foundation, a charitable organization established by Sam Bankman-Fried and his associates. No compensation scheme should be anticipated to start anytime soon, as the situation with FTX/insolvency Alameda’s is worsening.

Some aspects of this campaign are skillfully done, even though the scammers built an entire website that can only attract the most credulous investors. For instance, the con website uses the same name as the legitimate FTX main domain because an integrated service manages the redirection. The Cyrillic domain name of a website is the destination for visitors. The actual and false news feeds appear similar because the Twitter account for this fraud campaign retweets all items from the legitimate FTX account.

As said previously, Binance would probably reject the agreement with FTX. The SBF exchange is probably going to lose in a corporate conflict with its rival.

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