Scam Alert: The fake XRP giveaway has been taken to a whole new level

One of the most prominent members of the XRP community Leonidas Hadjiloizou has issued a warning about a sophisticated scam. It can allow bad actors to steal all the tokens you have.

The scam is done with three steps as below:

  • They send some drops to your wallet with a memo
  • The memo points you to a fake Ripple website
  • Fake Insights article points users to fake bithomp site to download a “tool.”

Specifically, the scammers have tricked by first sending a small amount of XRP to their wallet. Each transaction comes with a memo (destination card) containing a link to the official Ripple website. Actually, this site is fake, but there are very few users who doubt it.

The website has an article about Ripple Labs unlocking the XRP stack from an escrow and develop it on a “first come first serve” basis to increase the liquidity and decentralization of XRP.

Those who want to receive tokens will be redirected to a page asking to download a fake version of the Bithomp wallet. Then the scammers will easily get all the tokens that will be transferred to that fake wallet.

This is not the first scam involving Ripple and XRP this year. Earlier this month, a fake Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse posted a 2 million XRP giveaway with the following content:

“Ripple is now listed on all the top exchanges. To celebrate all the current listings, we have committed a total of 2 000 000 XRP to giveaway to our fans worldwide. For more details, please go the website: www.RIPPLE.RE.”

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