SBI e-Sports has launched its Apex Legends division, with players accepting salaries in XRP

SBI e-Sports, a subsidiary of major Japanese financial services company SBI Holdings, has announced its Apex Legends division launch. The interesting thing here is that Apex Legends will pay players in XRP.

SBI e-Sports launches division Apex Legends, accepting player salaries in XRP

Apex Legends is a popular shooting genre battle royale game released in February 2019. The subsidiary was established in June to create professional esports teams and provide services. Consulting and providing consulting solutions.

In it, they hired four players, HaRu, P1NKI, Lelia, Wasuo. And the special thing is that these people have decided to receive their salary in XRP. Or rather, Apex also accepts to pay in XRP at real-time prices. It seems understandable as well since Lelia has owned XRP before.

This announcement coinciding with the start of Apex Season 7 has brought a host of new features to the game.

SBI e-Sports signed Kenji “Ken” Suzuki, the best Sonic player globally, in mid-October. Meanwhile, Subaru “Mikey” Sagano joined the FIFA gaming team. Both also chose to receive their salaries in XRP.

In late September, SBI e-Sports signed a sponsorship agreement with cryptocurrency exchange VC Trade operated by SBI Holdings. The agreement states that players can receive a salary in XRP if they wish.

Japan has finally awakened its booming esports industry, with local regions trying to boost its economy by hosting tournaments.

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